Turd factor

My dog is an interesting representative of her breed. While in many ways she is the typical Golden Retriever, there is most certainly things that are uniquely her. Or at least that is what I like to think. 

1. If your hand is outside the boundaries of any furniture she will make a point to lay down upon her back and reach out her paw to you. She just wants you to hold her paw.

2. She will never bark unless you start to play with her with either a piece of mail or a noisy plastic bag (usually garbage or recycling in our house).

3. If it’s a tight space…she will try to fit in it.


4. For whatever reason rain, thunder, wind, fireworks or any other sort of disturbance that usually bothers dogs…doesn’t bother her. But when the grass is wet she will always poop with her feet in the grass and her butt over the sidewalk. I’m not sure if it’s to avoid getting her butt wet (I can only assume) or some other strange reason, but it’s quite bothersome to have to pick up dog crap off the sidewalk. She can get everything else wet, but not her butt? 

I love my dog, but she has some interesting traits. She’s an odd duck like her owner. Sometimes I think she picked me and not the other way around 😋