Humor is everywhere

I’ve found it is essential to find humor in everything. Especially in working in customer service or an office. Life all together can be quite funny when you find the good in anything negative. That is when I laugh. Usually I share because it is best not to laugh alone otherwise people tend to look at you a little crazy (though sometimes they also can keep their distance which isn’t all that bad).

For instance this week I’ve taken on the role of fly killer. We have an exaggerated version of a fly swatter in our office that I pick up any time that I’m made aware of the presence of a fly. My co-workers have accepted my role and encouraged it. As soon as I see the fly they give me space to kill it and I usually do so with a killing phrase like “gotcha” or “thats what you get when you mess with the best”. It sounds ridiculous, but I figure even if I don’t humor someone else I can at least laugh at myself.

So here is another quick example: You have an annoying co-worker or perhaps an extremely pessimistic one (ugh) that just drains the office or makes it an unpleasant work environment. Everytime something negative comes out of their mouth imagine them as some sort of silly creature (like an elephant or a monkey) it just has to be something ridiculous. It entirely diffuses anything that they say and in turn also provides a humourous image for you to snicker at (preferably in your head).

I’m not entirely sure how my co-workers take my random snickers or crazy banter, but usually I have at least one co-worker and most often my supervisor letting out a hearty laugh. It isn’t quite that I seek attention so much as in order to keep my balance I need to laugh at life and enjoy sharing the laughter with others. Hence this blog 🙂


Look what I can do!
                                                     Look what I can do!

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