Another Tuesday

Waking up with pain in your shoulder blades is a good indicator of how your Tuesday is going to be. A terrible echo of the previous Tuesday. But I did learn my lesson and went to the Chiropractor this time. They put you on this table and when they put the tabby things on you that both heat and pulsate on the muscles of your back…I could have fell asleep, but well…coffee. It was very relaxing and when he adjusted my spine there were parts of my back that felt much better, but when he asked about my neck I should have said “Yes have some” because that is still hurting. So if I’m still in pain on Thursday I will go back. In happier news I have another day off of work! Doesn’t feel like a vacation, but it kind of is (let me have this). Debating how I will spend the rest of my day. Definitely not taking another muscle relaxer. Those are just great sleepy time pills.

Meanwhile my dog is finding all sorts of uncomfortable looking positions to lay down in so that she can curl up near me. I’m pretty sure she would be able to practice Yoga way better then me. Flawless downward dog!



5 thoughts on “Another Tuesday


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