Unwritten rules…

There seems to exist this unwritten rule or perhaps just a horrible role of luck that when a parent decides to stay up late almost always will your child suddenly wake up earlier then normal. I’d request this rule be removed from the ether of unwritten rules, but I do love coffee and my son just so happens to be a wonderful child, so I guess I will take it. Though it should be noted these sort of days require a second coffee in the afternoon, which will most likely lead to another late night. Thankfully for me I rolled better this time and my son did not wake up early this morning. Coffee was still consumed because welllll…it’s coffee. I should switch back to drinking caffeinated tea…should. Probably won’t. Yet. Maybe…

Whys the coffee gone?

2 thoughts on “Unwritten rules…

  1. I think every parent goes through that and I’ve heard a lot about that from friends. I’m glad you enjoy spending time with your son. I wish you all the best and I hope that you’ll enjoy more great coffee soon. x



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