Certainly Stubborn.

Normal people when they are in pain will immediately seek out a professional to help them no matter whether they have the funds to pay for their services or not. I’m not one of those people. I wouldn’t say I have an abnormal tolerance for pain. When I’m in an extreme amount of pain I cry, I won’t deny it. However I will take my time to make the proper decision of whether I go to the ER (where they most certainly can aid me with the matter at hand) or Urgent Care (where they will likely just send me to the ER after wasting a significant amount of my time and charging me anyways).

That is where I sit this fine afternoon. Pondering who I won’t be paying, but still utilizing their services. As of right now I am in a considerable amount of pain. It is difficult to move…anywhere. When I do I usually cry out, grunt, start bawling or a combination of the three. Not normal. Definitely need help. Still haven’t left the house and I’ve been in pain now for nearly 12 hours. Sleep has been 2 hours here and 2 hours there and that is it. My dog looks far more rested then I do. I’m dressed comfortably though. Perhaps it is time to go to the ER? Of course I’ll be driving myself there which is likely a horribly bad idea. My other option is to seek others to help me get there, but I get anxiety just thinking of calling around for help. Of course there is always the option of waiting for my partner to return home in a few hours and have them take me instead. Yea I should probably do that. Now to just wait…

How is this comfortable?
                                          How is this comfortable?
So envious of her right now.
                                            So envious of her right now.

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